Hospital Management redefined! posted on December 1, 2014

In Ayuravati, we take care of all management needs required for Hospitals. From smart investment management, to track daily balance sheet. From Nurse Workflow management to remote Doctor Assistance. We do everything.

Some sample usecases for Hospital Admin/Incharge, that we support:

  • As Hospital Owners/Shareholder we need a end to end Hospital Management System Software. Our current HMS Software only does Patient Registration and Billing. We need lots of other Clinical and Administrative Modules like In-Patient, Out-Patient, Day Care, Pharmacy, Diagnostics, Billing, Accounting, Insurance, ICU, Emergency, Operation Theatre, Dialysis, Inventory management, Blood Bank, Kitchen Management, Order Management, HRMS etc. Also want Brand Circulation and Online Publicity.
  • As Admin/Super Admin we should get proper alerts to track any malfunction in any of the human workflow.
  • Patient Management and monitoring workflows with alerts for Nurse/RMO/Consultants to ensure quality of service
  • We want to store Electronic Medical Records for any future legal hazards.
  • As Hospital In-Charge we need seamless integration between different modules.
  • As Hospital In-Charge we need lot of customization in different flows.
  • As Hospital In-Charge we want our system/data to be available 24X7 even when some hardware/server is down.
  • We canít afford a dedicated person/team for Software Administration.
  • As Hospital In-Charge we canít wait long for Software Company to come, see our issues and give a fix. We need 24X7 on call support and real time fix.
  • We want continuous backup of our data.
  • As Hospital HR In-Charge we want to maintain our HRMS details and liabilities directly from our software. Employee details, TDS, Salary, Pay Slip, Attendance, Leave Management, Shift Management etc.
  • As a hospital owner I want to see daily profit/loss report from my home only. And want to drill down details reasoning of any spikes.
  • As Hospital Accountant we want to feed all our financial data into tally or any such software what our Auditor/Accountant use
  • As Hospital Accountant we want to see and take care of our tax liabilities directly from our software throughout the year
  • As Hospital Accountant we want to generate our financial reports, audit reports directly from our software in real time.
  • As a store/pharmacy admin I want to get Outpatient Prescription and Inpatient Drug requisition with Drug locations automatically.
  • As store/pharmacy admin we want to manage Expiry dates better way using the software (reports/alerts).
  • As store/pharmacy admin we want Inventory and Order management should happen automatically. It should generate proper alert when an item goes less than its threshold count. Threshold count should automatically calculated based on consumption rates.